Supplier of New & Used Vehicles (Trade Only)



SJS Fine Import is your new vehicle exporter, we also offers full logistics support services for importers, inbound to Thailand and exporters, exporting from Thailand and Japan, we are approved by Thailand Customs to process customs procedures for importation and exportation. SJS offers an extensive range of new vehicles for export, we provides the easiest way to purchase and import vehicles to your country from Thailand and Japan.


We supply the most popular motorbike models from Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, which include the New MSX, Click 125, CBR 150, CRF 250, KLX and KX, M-Slaz, GT-125 and more.

If you are thinking of importing a motorbike from Thailand or Japan, SJS is your best partner to supply the vehicles for you at the best prices with the fastest delivery times. We can also supply Duty Free new vehicles to U.N. , Governmental Departments, Embassies and Diplomatic Office’s.

Customize your Motorbike?

Please fill in SJS Contact Form to let us know your desire. Our Customer Service Department is at your complete disposal for any questions and will send you your personalized quotation.

Yamaha GT-125