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About SJS History

Joseph De Petro
about sjs global group

SJS Group was established in 1989, foundered by Mr. Joseph De Petro, SJS Global Group is a 100% foreign-owned company, with many years of trading experience and a reputation for high-quality products and services which we continually strive to maintain. Our friendly and culturally-diverse staff includes employees fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai, who are always keen to ensure that we supply exactly what our clients are looking for. Our comprehensive industry networks enable us to buy quality new and used vehicles at extremely competitive prices.

Our Head Quarter is in Bangkok Thailand is located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, with easy access to all of the major automotive brand names and factories. Also having offices in Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia.

SJS Group has also established it’s own manufacturing plants (2) in Thailand Freezone and produces many products for 100% export to worldwide and rapidly emerged as one of Asia’s leading suppliers of Hardware Products, Automotive Accessories and New Vehicles.

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SJS Mission

Our Mission

SJS Group, assure rapid delivery of any new and un used vehicles. Also providing multiple types of automotive products and professional services to our clients at the best prices, in all countries around the world.

Our Vision

SJS Group, will strive to become a high volume supplier globally of Hardware Productss and New Vehicles in excess of more than 12,000 within 2025. Also growing our Automotive Accessory Products and Services Division to extend our worldwide footprint.

SJS Vision

SJS Presentation

SJS Presentation

Business Units

We Are Global And Have Clients Worldwide.

We have access to some of the largest inventories across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, China, England, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand through our well-established strategic networks and joint venture partnerships. We are proud of our ability to assure rapid delivery of almost any type of delivery KM’s or used vehicle, commercial truck or motorcycle from almost any country in the world. We have a proven track record in terms of meeting the needs of our most demanding client groups and look forward to providing these services to our growing list of new clients.